Friday, April 11, 2008

Python and the Google AppEngine

While I don't have an AppEngine account that I can deploy to, I did download the SDK to try it out. When I saw that Python was the first runtime supported, I was a little disappointed because I hadn't used Python for any projects yet. But, that's a great opportunity to learn a new language. So, yesterday on the train, I played around a bit with Python and the AppEngine SDK. The SDK seems really great, but I am not impressed with Python.

In most languages, whitespace (tabs and spaces) are ignored. When you have an if statement in code, you have brackets {} or an end statement to note the end of the conditional statement. In Most languages functions are wrapped by either {} or end with an end statement. Not so in Python. In Python blocks of code are marked by indentation. Now, I'm smart. I have a track record of picking up new programming languages pretty quick. But this is so annoying that I don't even want to spend any more time picking up Python, even though it's the only language supported by a platform (Google AppEngine) that I am extremely excited to learn.

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