Monday, May 22, 2006

Susan's First Mother's Day

We celebrated Susan's first Mother's Day a week ago.  Here are some portraits from her first Mother's Day.  As each day passes, less of her pre-maternity clothes fit.  Luckily, friends have shared some maternity clothes.  And if you know Susan at all, you know that she's a big evangelist for  In addition to getting our car, dining room light fixture, and kitchen sink off of craigsilst, we've now purchased maternity clothes!

Last week, we also had a trip to the emergency room of Palos Community Hospital.  Susan had some pains in her abdomen which were pretty major.  When we called our doctor and described the symptoms, he told us to go to the hospital just to make sure that she wasn't going into early labor.  Thankfully, we did not have a baby last week, and an ultrasound and several hours of monitoring revealed that everything was okay.  And the pain subsided and hasn't returned.  We are very relieved that it's all good.