Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Baby Shower Report!

It is amazing what a difference a day can make in preparing a home for a child.  About 34 people came to our baby shower yesterday at Bartolini's and showered us with love and gifts.  We registered at two places, and Babies R Us.  With the generosity of so many family and friends, we have most of what we need!  Our big purchases in the next few weeks will be the safest carseat available, a stroller, and some velcro diaper covers!  Again, a big thanks to Susan's Mom (Bettie), Dad (Ron), and Sister (Lori) for investing so much time and creativity to throw such a great shower!  Each table had a fun and whimsical centerpiece and the decoding game ended with a special message to the littlest Jones (we hope to post the game soon--check back tomorrow).  Many thanks to all who came or sent gifts and prayers!

It was great to go back to Bartolini's in Midlothian Illinois, where we also held our Chicago area wedding reception.  We like them a lot and wanted to give them a plug on our blog, just in case somebody is searching for a banquet hall in the area.

It's hard to imagine us, two vegetarians, enjoying a restaurant that advertises "Meatball Mayhem in the Midwest" on their home page.  Once again, the food was delicious and plentiful.  My favorite is the cheese lasagne!  And if the food weren't enough for them to earn a recommendation, their service is exceptional. As a wedding photographer, I eat at a lot of reception halls, many of which charge over $100 per plate.  The service at Bartolini's is better than it is at most of the expensive halls.  I think what really sets them apart is that so many of the staff has the last name Bartolini.  They have real family pride in what they do, and it shows.