Wednesday, April 16, 2008

HWA Home Warranty of America Scam

So, when we purchased our home last summer, the seller kindly purchased a home warranty from Home Warranty of America. We thought, that's great. If something goes wrong in the first year, we'll have the warranty. What a joke.

Tonight, I went to go to Staples, and discovered that one of the garage door springs was broken. Naturally, I thought, let's look up that home warranty that came with the house. It says that it covers Garage Door Systems. Here's the quote:

Garage Door Systems
INCLUDED: All components and parts except:
EXCLUDED: Garage doors - Infra-red sensors - Chains - Tracks - Rollers - Springs - Remote receiving/transmitting devices.

So I called anyways, just to ask what exactly is included in the Garage Door System coverage. Turns out that if anything goes wrong with the $124.99 motor, they'll cover $24.99, after the $100 deductible.

Clearly, HWA is a joke.

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