Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Until now, all of our appointments have been with Dr. Zumhagen, but since you are supposed to meet with the other doctors in the practice we saw Dr. Paul Schattauer.  They are both very friendly, courteous, and pragmatic doctors.  We'll be happy no matter who shows up for the delivery!

Since everybody kept asking us when we were having the ultrasound, we decided to ask the doctor what their policy is.  As we've read in the great book Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth, he explained that the routine use of ultrasound has not changed the outcomes.  If there is a medical indication that we may need an ultrasound, or if we just decide it would make us feel good, we'll have one.  But for now, thankfully, everything is going well medically, and there is no indication that we'll need an ultrasound. 

Soon, we'll write a blog entry on why we have chosen to have our baby at home!

Thank you for visiting our baby's blog! 

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Karate Kid

We've been feeling some movement in Susan's belly for a few weeks, but thought it might be gas...  But now, we are pretty sure that it is the baby kicking!

It was a lot of fun last night just lying in bed feeling the baby having fun swimming around in Susan's belly!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Back from Houston

Hooray!  Susan is feeling much better!  She is pretty tired, but that is to be expected, since we've just spent the last two days driving.  Last year, I photographed the American Montessori Society's Annual Conference when it was in Chicago.  It went so well that we agreed to photograph the conference this year in Houston.  After Chicago's conference in 2005, our school photography business grew from one school in 2004 to ten schools in 2005.  We don't expect to grow our business tenfold by going to Houston--this was more of a thank you to AMS for last year's growth.  This year, we added on-site printing.  We sold 38 prints this year, and donated $115 to AMS's Coins for Compassion program for Hurricane Relief. 

Anyways, that's where we've been for the last week.  We are very glad to be home.  A road trip like this is pretty exhausting, even when you are not pregnant.  But Susan held up very well.  She is a woman of great strength!

Also, check out our Pregnancy Photos gallery, there is a new photo from a few weeks ago (16 weeks is the new photo, we are now 18 weeks)!