Friday, September 8, 2006

Today would be a great day to be born!

It was a beautiful sunny September day.  I don't remember why, but I was a little late getting out the door.  When I snuck into my regular pew, there was an older lady sitting near the end, but next to her was Susan, and that was the first time that I was graced with Susan's smile.

A lot of people under 30 just go to Mass out of obligation.  But Susan was different.  She didn't just stand like a mute during the songs, she really participated in Mass.  Then, at the Sign of Peace, she smiled at everyone, but I felt she gave me an extra big smile.  [I found out later, this is when she checked my hand for a ring!]

During the closing hymm, our pew emptied out, except for Susan, myself, and the older lady who was trapped between us.  But I was thinking "Mass isn't over until the song is over, and if she's not leaving, I'm not going anywhere."  Susan was thinking similar thoughts.  :-)

After we let the woman leave, I spent a few nervous moments trying to figure out what to say.  Lucky for me, Susan started the conversation by inviting me to a bible study.  I invited her to coffee and she wrote her number on my church bulletin (I still have that bulletin!).  The rest is history.....

So, wouldn't today be a great day for our baby to be born?

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