Sunday, September 17, 2006

Introducing Karen Teresa Jones

Hello Friends,

First things first, thank you for all your prayers!  We've felt your prayers for the past nine months, and especially these last few days.  Thank you!

The big news everybody has been asking about is her name.  If she had been a boy, we had a name ready.  But since I'm sure she wouldn't want to be called Benjamin, we needed to take some time to think about her name.  We did have a few names in mind for a girl, but did not expect to be able to name a girl immediately.  For two days after her birth, we tried a number of names out, for a few hours each. 

The name that stuck surprised both Susan and I, as it had never come up prior to her birth.  But once we started calling her Karen, no other name seemed to work for her.  Karen means "pure one," and until tonight's diaper changing, she sure was pure.  (After that change, we aren't so sure.  She had three more servings of meconium after we took off her diaper!!!)

Teresa is both after Blessed Mother Teresa, and is a variant spelling of my mother's name, Theresse. 

A 100% natural childbirth was pretty rough on Susan, but she was very grateful to have given birth at home.  She is getting better each day, but is very much looking forward to total healing.

Much has happened these past few days that we would love to share with you, our friends and family.  But there is too much to write in one sitting.  So, we'll probably share bits and pieces of our Karen's birth story with you throughout the next weeks and months. 

Oh yeah, and here is a link to Karen's First Pictures.  Sometime in the next week, we'll set up the lights for some professional portraits, but these are a start!

Peace and Love,

Matt, Susan, and Karen Teresa Jones.

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