Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby2: Coming in February 2009!

Susan wasn't feeling so hot today, so she decided to take a pregnancy test. Much to her surprise, it was POSITIVE!!!!! According to the internet, the due date is February 27th, 2009. That's just one day after Susan's birthday! Here are a few notes....
  • We really don't know who will deliver the baby or where. Our homebirth doctors who delivered Karen have added a new fee called a "Home Fee" that is not billable to insurance. It is unclear what home I get to own after paying the "Home Fee."
  • There are some midwives on the north side of Chicago who do homebirths and would travel this far south. But you have to go to the north side for prenatal visits. And that's not going to be easy when Susan is nine months pregnant in February.
  • The other day, Susan said "You'd think that I'd feel better when I make a smoothie every day, but I don't." That was Thursday. The smoothies have protein powder, spinach, peaches, strawberries, rasberries, and lots of other good stuff. They certainly give me more energy, but Susan just wasn't feeling the improvement. Now, it seems clear that the smoothies have probably been helping with morning sickness!
  • Within the past month, Susan's sister Lori gave her a bunch of maternity clothes, well before we knew we were pregnant!  Thanks Lori!
  • A few weeks ago, we met Dave during coffee and doughnuts at St. Gerald's. The next day, Dave e-mailed us to ask if we wanted a jogging stroller with an infant carrier. He said it was free to a good home, and we were very grateful. Of course, Karen is too big for an infant carrier, but she'll have a brother or a sister someday. This morning after church, we went to pick it up, and when we got home Susan decided it was time to take another test. It is amazing how God's Providence works, even when we didn't yet know that we'd need an infant carrier! Thanks Dave and family!


Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

Congrats! I look forward to meeting the kids one day.