Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Grandma and Grandpa decided they wanted the biggest and coolest swingset/play structure ever for their grandkids to play on. Looks like the one that fits this description is the Arcadia II Ultimate Playground. So yesterday, I went over to help Grandpa assemble this structure.

It comes in 7 boxes. The first four are lumber. These boxes are extremely cumbersome to move, as they are filled with varying lengths of boards which all have to fit into the same size box. Little Tikes does their best to put a few long pieces into each box along with staggered lengths, but the boxes are still very large and difficult to move. Bill (the other son-in-law) got the lucky job of moving these seven boxes from the store into the garage. I just had to move them outside. Here is a photo of the seven containing lumber.

And here's the two sides of the tall structure after step 4. The instructions have 38 steps. A step to them is a page of instructions and illustrations. Each "step" has from 2 to 12 different parts to it.

Step 5 was a big one. The kit started to look three dimensional here. If you find yourself assembling one of these someday, the key to step 5 is actually before step 1. You need to make sure your ground is level. We did that, but if you are assembling this, I'd add an extra foot all the way around to the area that you level. The photo to the right is of step 5. Steps 6-10 were installing the two lower decks and the ladders.

This set is huge. It's hard to see just how big it is without a person in the photo. To the left, that's Grandpa, Karen, and I after step 10. We worked hard, fast, and efficient from 9am to 5pm, and only completed step 10 of 38. The boxes of wood aren't nearly as full as they were, yet, as we cleaned up for the day, looking at the number of bolts and screws we still hadn't touched made us realize that there really are another 28 steps remaining.

So, I'm sure we'll be assembling this for days to come, but the rewards will be well worth the effort. Karen will have lots of wonderful memories of this play structure.

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