Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oh Daddy, The Places We'll Go

At this month's doctor appointment, Susan had to take the glucose test for gestational diabetes.  We had to arrive an hour early so she could drink what looked like an orange soda.  Then after the appointment, they took some of her blood to test.  We haven't heard anything from the doctor, which is good because most doctors only call with bad news from various tests.

Our first birthing class was on Monday.  Since we are planning on an unmedicated home birth, we chose the Bradley Method classes.  The class is every Monday night for ten weeks.  The video this week was actually of a home birth, so that was nice.  I hope and pray that I'll be able to support Susan as well as the guy in the video supported his wife.

We also decided to plan a trip to Portland next month.  We sent an e-mail to about 30 friends to ask if anybody was going on vacation and needed a housesitter.  Five people offered, and we felt bad that we couldn't housesit for everybody!  We are very excited to be in Portland July 13th through the 22nd.  A big thanks to Ed & Karen, Stephanie, Janice, Steve, and Martin who offered their homes to us. 

And now, what you've been waiting for.  Baby Jones wrote me a beautiful poem this morning!  I read Baby this book almost every night, which inspired this poem that baby wrote for me.

Oh Daddy, The Places We'll Go

By Baby Jones
June 18, 2006

Oh Daddy, the places we'll go
The worlds we will visit the fun we will know

The parks and the beaches will greet us hello
As will the hills covered deep in the snow

You'll show me new things like starfish and slugs
And if I get scared you'll take care of the bugs

Out in the fields we'll discover new creatures
And when I play ball I'll find you in the bleachers

We'll laugh and we'll learn as we play in the sun
And you'll read me a story when the day's done

And it'll be fun to hop on you, pop
But I won't be surprised if you ask me to stop

But whatever we do things won't always go right
I might make a stinky in the dark of the night

And I might run into a bully as kids often do
But you'll be there to teach me the right thing to do

As each day passes you'll see more of yourself in me
And that will make mom and I has happy as can be!

The world sounds great and I can't wait to explore it
So when labor starts, tell mom to Floor It!

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