Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Until now, all of our appointments have been with Dr. Zumhagen, but since you are supposed to meet with the other doctors in the practice we saw Dr. Paul Schattauer.  They are both very friendly, courteous, and pragmatic doctors.  We'll be happy no matter who shows up for the delivery!

Since everybody kept asking us when we were having the ultrasound, we decided to ask the doctor what their policy is.  As we've read in the great book Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth, he explained that the routine use of ultrasound has not changed the outcomes.  If there is a medical indication that we may need an ultrasound, or if we just decide it would make us feel good, we'll have one.  But for now, thankfully, everything is going well medically, and there is no indication that we'll need an ultrasound. 

Soon, we'll write a blog entry on why we have chosen to have our baby at home!

Thank you for visiting our baby's blog! 

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