Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Morning Sickness

Why is it called Morning Sickness when it lasts all day?  Or when it is particularly difficult in the evening?

And why is it that all the advice about managing morning sickness is either contradictory or unrealistic?  Here is a list to debunk much of the advice out there:

  1. Keep a box of crackers by the bed.  This is probably the most popular advice we've heard.  Of the many folks who have shared this, only one threw up regularly during her pregnancy.  Pretty good statistics, eh?  No.  For the most part, this is advice given from women who don't know what is like to throw up 4 times in a day. 

  2. Eat small, frequent meals.  This falls into the “unrealistic” category.  When you are really sick, the thought of eating can make you more sick. 

  3. Only drink water two hours before or after a meal.  It is true that water with a meal is a recipe for disaster.  But, it also means that your meals have to be four hours apart.  Doesn’t that seem to contradict “Eat small, frequent meals.”

  4. Prenatal vitamins will help you feel better.  Perhaps they would, but when the thought, smell, and aftertaste makes you sick...

Apparently, only half of pregnant women get the dreaded morning sickness.  Susan wasn't that lucky.  Some days are substantially better than others.  We are anxious for two more weeks to pass to see if Susan is like most women, for whom morning sickness ends at 12-14 weeks.

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